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Is Cell Hacking the Key to Ageing Well?

New research claims that boosting your cell health could be the answer to a long, healthy life. Helen Foster reports

What if how fast you age, or how healthy your later years might be, is con­trolled by some­thing so small that thou­sands of them fit into a sin­gle cell? And what if you could hack the re­gen­er­a­tion process of th­ese tiny en­ti­ties to help fu­ture-proof your health? That’s the premise of the lat­est anti-age­ing re­search.

This cell 'con­trol cen­tre' is called the mi­to­chon­dria, and there are about 10 mil­lion bil­lion of them in your body. They’re in al­most ev­ery cell, and your brain, heart and mus­cle cells can each con­tain thou­sands.

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